Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bad Kitty Returns...With Some Friends!

Been a long while since I last posted on here, but hey updates are always good! After a few months/years of relative inactivity, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things.

This is due in part to renewed interest in Battletech: Combined Arms. I re-submitted my proposal for a 28mm Battletech game to Catalyst’s new leadership Brent Evans, who was happy to take a look. A response is still pending and while I’m not entirely confident it will be accepted or approved, I at least appreciate the renewed communication.

Now, that said, a few updates - namely in reference to the title of this post - “Bad Kitty” was the working name I had for my Panther battlemech. The first kit I built, sadly it didn’t survive one of my many moves, and the brittle resin made it all but impossible to put back together.

A few months back here I ordered Tim Fusco’s awesome Owens kit (full review upcoming), so just before I moved the most recent time, I ordered another Panther from Ravenstar Studios to join my burgeoning scout lance.

I’ve yet to decide on the armament for it, but i’ve glued it together in a very action-oriented pose, and put it on a massive 120mm round base to keep it upright. Overall this kit cleaned up decently, though the mold is clearly aging as I found a bunch of pink gunk in some of the sockets, and some of the straighter armor lines are warped. Either way, I’m happy to have one of my favorite light ‘mechs back in action.

The Owens, Panther, my Nighthawk PA/L suit, and the Savannah Master hovercraft I ordered from Ravenstar as well all go together well thematically - I’ve always intended to make them into an urban/winter camouflaged Free Rasalhague Republic (....and eventually Rasalhague Dominion....then Ghost Bear Dominion) force for Battletech: Combined Arms.

Luckily all of these units (save maybe the Nighthawk) can be found in Rasalhague ‘mech lances - namely Light and Medium regiments of the KungsArmé such as the Kavelleri or Hussars.

All in all I’m feeling pretty excited to resume work on Battletech: Combined Arms and these 28mm scale battletech models, and I’ll be ordering more in the future from a number of sources.

Now that I’ve reignited my passion for this game, I’ve also started work on a completely reworked Battletech: Combined Arms rulebook, which will either be released for free here, or (god willing) be for sale soon with Catalyst Game Labs’ approval and help!

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  1. Cool.. very interested to see how it pans out. I know I have an assault lance waiting for action, and a Scout one in the Mechbay now. :)