Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reseeing the Unseen

We all know the story, Harmony Gold and Playmates, lawsuit, Robotech, yadayadayada….but lucky for us, the Unseen ‘mechs, some of the most famous in all of Battletech fandom, are readily available in model kits of the appropriate scale, and can therefore easily be used for 28mm Battletech gaming. Below is a list of Battletech ‘mechs and the correctly-scaled model kit from Macross, Robotech, etc. that you can buy to represent them: 

Battletech            Equivalent
Marauder             1/72 Scale Macross Robotech Glaug Command Pod ($175 eBay)
Warhammer         1/60 Scale Macross Destroid Tomahawk ($115-$150 eBay)
Rifleman              1/60 Scale Macross Destroid Defender ($180-$200 eBay)
Archer                 1/72 Scale Macross Destroid Spartan ($20-$30 eBay)
Longbow             1/72 Scale Macross Destroid Phalanx ($120 eBay)
Shadow Hawk 1/48 Scale Robotech Zoltek (nearly impossible to find)

Thunderbolt         1/48 Scale Robotech Gartan ($85 eBay) 
                             1/72 Scale Dougram Ironfoot ($76 eBay)

Stinger/LAM       1/72 Scale Macross Valkyrie VF-1A ($36.50 Hobbylink Japan)
Wasp/LAM         1/72 Scale Macross Valkyrie VF-1S ($36.50 Hobbylink Japan)
Crusader             1/72 Scale Macross Armored Valkyrie ($119 eBay)

Goliath             1/48 Scale Dougram Crab Gunner/ Robotech Commando 
                             ($152 from 

Unfortunately since nobody cares about Robotech/Macross/Dougram (I mean, come on….Gundam is where the giant robot scene is at right now) and it’s well over twenty years old, a lot of these models are hard to find nowadays. If you can find these in the correct scales listed though, you’re ripe for playing 1/60 scale Battletech, as these all work perfectly as Unseen designs. 

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